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The Zero To 8-Figures Blueprint

Every now and again a client’s success soars far above even their expectations. About a year ago, my team and I created a campaign for the weight loss niche. It was a cool product with a fairly unique twist.  In fact, the mainstream media are only now catching up with its central premise. Of course, […]

7 Things I Learned From Traffic And Conversion 2014

It’s worth going just to hang out in San Diego.  And you can get very full, very quickly on Happy Hour offers at the countless bars and restaurants… Perry Belcher has an evil glint in his eye.  Especially during his gleeful talk on his survival business which contained this humdinger — “Next year I’ll put […]

The Rise Of The EPIC Sales Video

Size DOES Matter Nobody watches those boring video sales letters do they? I hear this from people all the time.  “Nobody’s going to sit there for 40 minutes and watch that damn thing… what are you crazy?” Yet, if you actually TEST this stuff, you’ll know that people DO watch “boring” sales videos.  In their […]