Case Studies

Million Dollar Case Studies

It never occurred to me Clients and partners may not want me to reveal success stories.  But of course, if you have a big success… it’s best to stay under the radar.

So, as much as I’d love to reveal every detail behind 6,7 and 8-figure campaigns, my lips are tightly sealed.

Instead, let me offer you a high-level view.  I trust this will still be valuable to anyone dreaming of exploding their sales, profits and income… and…

… wondering how an A-level copywriting team can help them get there 😉

The Perils Of A ‘Me Too’ Sales Funnel

… or how I turned a flat-lining campaign into a $10 million promotion

Many times, a Client will approach me with a complete sales funnel already finished.  Yet they just can’t figure out why it’s not generating sales.

“Why” they ask” WHy is this not working when THIS GUY is doing the exact same thing?”

And that’s when they answer their own question.

You see, I completely agree with modeling what works.  Taking a look around, spying on the best performers in any given market… and modeling, building and improving on that.

Yet too often, prospective Clients and partners SWIPE without a second thought.

They borrow liberally from other campaigns and wonder why they’re not seeing the same success.

There’s just one problem with doing that.  What is it?


Simply put, those other guys got there first.  And whatever they did, especially if it was a massive success, is likely to NOT be as effective second time around.

So build on what works, but innovate where possible.

Based on that principle, I turned around a campaign in the Internet Marketing niche which was failing to capitalize on obvious brand benefits.  I simplified and amplified the promotion.

The result?

A $10 million promotion.  All stemming from one little $37 training program.

And now let’s move across to the health market…

How To Generate Millions Of Dollars (By Keeping Your Media Buyer Happy)

I was collared by a well-known media buyer at an event recently…

“Hey man, we need to work together!”

It turns out this fellow was the traffic buyer for a promotion my team and I created in the weight loss market.  And he’d never seen anything as successful.  He said it was like printing money.

Here was his secret weapon…

The copy was stuffed full of memorable little hooks, angles and phrases.  Stuff that’s fodder to anyone trying to create ads.  Just like a media buyer.

So this guy had a field day cranking out tiny little ads based on catchphrases from the sales copy.  It also helped that he’s an absolute king at YouTube ads, still a hugely underrated traffic avenue.

The promotion was a simple little $47 ebook.  Yet, thanks to the sales copy (of course!), a kickass video, a quality product… and innovative ads for cold traffic…

… it turned into an 8-figure behemoth very quickly.

Your takeaway?  Try and inject enough uniqueness into every promotion and give your media buyers something to run with.

Slow And Steady Wins The Race

It’s a glorious feeling to just knock it out of the park on a big ol’ product launch.

Or to steamroller the competition with one cold traffic campaign to rule them all.

But my favorite promotions are the ones that gain momentum slowly.

Gradually affiliates find you… the list is growing… and you build on initial success with one back-end product after another.

You see, all we ever hear about are those overnight success stories.  Yet often times, it was an overnight success that took years of planning.

However, I believe ANYONE can put together a great product and build a real six, seven or even eight-figure business… with the right sales copy and marketing strategy.

That’s what is happening with a CLient of mine in the relationship niche.

He doesn’t want to play the Joint Venture game.  And cold traffic leaves him.. well.. cold.

Instead, we’ve taken it slowly, carved our own path and now he’s sitting on a tidy little 7-figure empire while his competitors can only stare, scratch their heads and say…

“What’s your secret?”


My aim is to keep updating this page and add more detail as I do so.

I hope these insights proved useful.

If you too would like…

  • A winning cold traffic campaign capable of scaling up to 8-figures a year and beyond…
  • A product launch that gets affiliates chomping at the bit to promote…
  • Or a ‘slow and steady’ info-product empire built on the timeless foundation of building a relationship with your prospects and customers… and… giving them plenty of opportunities to buy…

… then I invite you to drop me a line.  I’d love to hear your vision and perhaps explore the possibility of working together…

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