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The Rise Of The EPIC Sales Video

Size DOES Matter

Nobody watches those boring video sales letters do they?

I hear this from people all the time.  “Nobody’s going to sit there for 40 minutes and watch that damn thing… what are you crazy?”

Yet, if you actually TEST this stuff, you’ll know that people DO watch “boring” sales videos.  In their droves.

And here’s the cool part:

Sales videos are getting longer.

In fact, as I write this in February 2014, I predict you’ll see video sales letters getting longer and longer throughout the year.  Damn some people are going to get bored, aren’t they? 😉

I have no doubt the TOP marketers (which in my world means the guys who run campaigns on cold traffic) will run with video sales letters 60-90 minutes long.  Possibly even longer.


Well for one thing, it goes back to the age old copywriting and sales maxim “the more you tell, the more you sell”.

Plus:  you can’t sell anything with a blank screen.  Think about it…

If your prospect is staring at a black rectangle on your website, if they’re not listening to a sales message, why would they buy?

Reminds me of something Kevin Harrington said at Traffic And Conversion 2014.  He got started because he noticed his cable channels were full of colored bars overnight.  A test signal.

What did Kevin do?  Replace those colored bars with infomercials.  Genius!

So why would you EVER want your sales video to finish?  Why would you want your prospects to see and hear “dead air”?

Of course, the trick is to hold their attention for as long as you can. More on how to do that coming up…