Delicious Copywriting

The Zero To 8-Figures Blueprint

Every now and again a client’s success soars far above even their expectations.

About a year ago, my team and I created a campaign for the weight loss niche.

It was a cool product with a fairly unique twist.  In fact, the mainstream media are only now catching up with its central premise.

Of course, it wasn’t anything brand NEW (at least if you have a passing interest in health and fitness), we weren’t reinventing the wheel here, but nevertheless product quality was good.

Now, the client.  This guy was inspired.  Utterly determined that absolutely nothing would get in the way of this project being a success.

I like that.

So often a project fails miserably NOT because of the copy, the offer, the graphics, the traffic…

… but because the client fails to make sh*t happen.

He or she gets distracted, chases another opportunity or simply flakes.  Happens more than you might think.

Fortunately, this was one of those times where we had all our ducks in a row.

The script was tight, the voiceover compelling, the video crew did a great job.

But still… you just never know what will happen.

However, when those first test results came through, I could sense the client’s excitement.

JV partners had dropped a few emails and they were amazed at the results.  Dollars per sale were sky-high, beating out any competing product.

With the wind in our sails, it was time for a big ol’ affiliate launch.

I’m not a huge fan of launches.  Yes, you can make a lot of money fast, but the downside if your launch fails?  A lot of folks never come back from that.  That’s why I recommend you spend a lot of time optimizing before you go near a launch.

In this case, I needn’t have worried. Initial results were wonderful.  Affiliates spoke excitedly of their best performing campaign in months.

Here’s the interesting thing:

The affiliate launch conversions and revenue were very, very good… but not spectacular.  I’ve seen better.

So when we came to test on cold traffic (ie Facebook ads, media buys, Taboola etc.) I lowered my expectations a little.  Thinking there was no way it would do as well as with the warm affiliate traffic.

However, the opposite happened.

On cold traffic, the campaign absolutely blew up.  Crushed it.

And that was my big realization…

Cold and warm/affiliate traffic are very different.  Depending on the market, warm traffic tends to be more sophisticated, more savvy… cold traffic, even from tightly relevant traffic sources, not so much.

I’ll go into this more deeply in another post, but my advice is to always craft copy for cold traffic IF you plan to go there at some point.  Cold traffic is where you can scale.  Affiliate traffic is nice and comparatively cheap… but you can’t RELY on it forever.

Anyway, bottom line… the project was a gigantic success.

Now, this is the part in the story where you might expect something went horribly wrong.  Or that there’s a big moral to the story.  There isn’t.  Other than to say…

When a talented team is lazer-focused on a single goal, the results can outstrip your wildest ambitions.

This particular campaign turned into an 8-figure business in short order.

8 figures from one $47 ebook.  Pretty amazing.

So here’s how you can do the same…

Keep one eye on your competition, be aware of what your market are responding to, create a killer product… and wrap it up in outstanding sales copy.

Hey, you didn’t expect me to say anything else did you?